Two dead in Kibera after deadly inferno

By Peter Ombedha


John Kibiri, a resident of Laini Saba in Kibera salvages what was left of his house in last nights fire. 30 houses were razed down completely in the 10 p.m incident

Two people died after a deadly fire tragedy at Laini Saba in Kibera yesterday night. Although the cause of the fire is still unknown, eyewitnesses say 93 year old Alice Mbaira and her neighbour Ken Onyango perished because Alice is blind and could not save herself. Onyango died as he was trying to save her from the flames.

Cellar Wanjiku, the daughter OF Alice said she had gone to the chemist to buy medicine for her mother at around 10 p.m. only to find their house in flames.

Their house is among 30 houses that were burnt to the ground in the inferno. It has not been established how many people were affected but dozens spent the night in the cold yesterday as the city council of Nairobi did not send any fire trucks to the scene.

Red Cross personnel are expected to come to the scene today morning to assist the affected.


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